English Ivy Botnology Name- Hendra Helix

Alternate Names- Common Ivy, Ivy.

Attributes- A common ground vine in CT. It also grows as an areal vine. This allows it to grip onto things such as trees and buildings. Areal roots help it grow this way. The trunk can be up to 1 foot in diameter for big vines, but they usually are under 8" in diameter. Very rarely but is possible, the English Ivy can grow as a bramble growing to 1-2'. It is a hardy, evergreen vine.

Leaves- Evergreen. They are small or big. Usually up to a couple inches long. They are lobed-simple. They look almost like a smooth lobed, untoothed maple leaf.

English Ivy is hardy to zones 4-9. They are evergreen, and will always keep leaves. They are quite common in CT. They grow rather slow, but fast when young. They are capable of covering large lots of land.

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