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Delkranostorms, also could be known as Tropical Depressions, Tropical Storms, Tropical Formations, or Tropical Disturbances.

It is the the lowest level of Hurricane Status. Most Delkranostorms become hurricanes, but not all do so. They can form almost anywhere on the planet. More northern storms usually stay as Delkranostorms. It is usually the beginning of a Hurricane (90% of hurricanes will start like this); and the end of a hurricane.

As a Hurricane Status

Delkranostorms are the weakest form of Hurricane. It can also include Tropical Storms, which are slightly stronger developments. Not all Tropical Storms become Hurricanes. About 50% of storms reach higher than 75MPH, which is now a Cat 1 Hurricane.



Delkranostorm- A strong storm with center winds up to 73 MPH. Some Delkranostorms can have center winds up to 80 MPH. Oceanic Storms. Usually will develop into a hurricane. Delkranostorms are the beginning and the end of a Hurricane's life. 50% Delkranostorms will become at least a Cat 1 Hurricane. Delkranostorms can happen at any time of the year in the tropics. Winter Delkranostorms up north may be known as Nor'Easters. They can bring a lot of snow.


Cat 1-5 are the 5 stages of a hurricane determining strength (Wind speed).They are much more intense then a Delkranostorm. They are very furious, damaging storms that have wind speeds of 74+ MPH. There are about 15 MPH categories regarding strength. They are common from May-November. Some storms may happen later or earlier.

Image 1. Karl; Image 2- Delcore; Image 3-Lisa 2016 Delkranostorms- My Photos.

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