Delcore's Kudzu Botnology name -Pueraria Montana

Other Names- Hardy Kudzu, Delcova Kudzu


Perennial Vine. In northern climates is is usually killed back to the ground in the winter. they will regrow in the spring. It is an introduced species, and has naturalized. It is not invasive in the north. It is however invasive in southern states where they grow as a woody vine. Grows on grasses, trees, houses, and anything they can get on.

The Delcore's Kudzu has small pink or purple flowers. They flower in summer. Older vines may have bigger flower heads. In September( Maybe earlier in the south) The flowers will be replaced by a small narrow seed pod.Pods may hold several small seeds.

Leaves- Delcore's Kudzu has tri-compound leaves. Meaning they have one axis, and 3 leaflets. There is a small thorn at the base of each leaf axis (stem).

Delcore's Kudzu will thrive in zones 4-11. They would grow in zones 8-11 as a woody vine. They wont get killed back here so they can grow and create "Kudzu art" or "Kudzu Sculptures". In 4-7 they would grow as a small harmless little vine that only live 1 year, then pop back in the spring. They cannot take over in the North, so they are not invasive. They don't produce as much fruit versus a southern vine. It is the only kudzu known to be in the US. It is the only Kudzu that can thrive in Connecticut.

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