DPS- Balor Club is a national group of over 600 Million Creatures and People. Main members are Monsters and Demons, Abons, Ghosts, Steets, Necromancers, Immortals, Halfbloods, Wizards and Witches, and several other species of creatures. This is Delkraneiysia's Governmental Army. They protect the National Capital of Belmopan, the governmental building, the members of the group, relatives of members in the group, and the Citizens on Delkraneiysia. They have 9 Headquarters scattered around the country, underground, and hard to find. The citizens are usually underground during meetings, and state of emergencies. While also half of the the organisation is hiding, the other half may be protecting citizens or the capital building.

The DPS-Balor Club is a wing of the Government. They have just as much governmental power as the court (Actual government members.)The current population of this organisation is 617 million. They are a huge group of strong creatures. They are unstoppable. Anything that tries to bother them usually end up dead.

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