Common Nightshade- Solanum Dulcamara

Alternate Names- Bittersweet Nightshade, Nightshade

Attributes- A vine that grows on smaller objects. Does not typically get very big. They are relatively small compared to most eastern vines. They can be invasive. They create small orange or red berries in the fall. They are recommended not to eat. The Deadly Nightshade(the annual plant) berry is edible, but also not recommended. They are somewhat related. This vine will make fruit at relatively young ages of 3-4 years old.Flowers are small purple and in clusters in spring. They will replaced by the berries in early to mid fall.

Leaves- Deciduous. Untoothed-simple, lobed-simple or sometimes even tri-compound. They are usually round and untoothed. Older vines have more of a variety. They have a resemblance of Mulberry almost. They turn purple in the fall.

Other- They will grow almost anywhere in the US and Canada. They usually will prefer wooded arias, but again, they'll grow almost anywhere. They are hardy. The wood is very weak and new branches can break easily. They do make a pretty good ornamental, but keep in mind, they can be invasive. If they do become invasive, no big deal, they are not too hard to get rid of.

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