Ryan J Delcore's Network Wikia

Boston Ivy- Parthenocissus Tricuspidata

Attributes. An areal vine. Growing on buildings and trees. They are usually small vines. They are an introduced species from Asia. They have small areal roots to help the vine grip and grow onto things, like all other Ivy plants. They are non-invasive, and hardly escape cultivation. They are environmental friendly.

Leaves- Deciduous. Leaves are a few inches long, toothed-simple. A few leaves may have lobes. They and English Ivy have leaves that almost look like smooth, thick maple leaves. They are both true ivy plants.

Other- They do the best in zones 4-8, but will also grow in zone 3. They are non-invasive and is a good vine for decoration. Great fall colors. They will have red or orange fall leaves and dark blue berries, that are favored by many species of birds. They are the simple leaved cousin of Virginia Creeper.