Ryan J Delcore's Network Wikia

Bittersweet- Celastrus Scandens

Alternate Names- American Bittersweet, Common Bittersweet

Attributes- A rather big vine, capable of climbing up entire trees. These vines may be able to choke a tree of sunlight and nutrients they need. They could become invasive. They usually are not though. They can form dense thickets, and dense crowns. Rarely, bittersweet of any type can become a tree if it hasn't found a host.They are rapid growers and can grow up to 6-8' per year if it has found a host. If it grows as a tree, it will only grow maybe a foot per year. Bittersweet wood is very strong, and is not easily broken. Very small flowers in early summer. A small red or yellow berry is produced in the fall. The berries make good ornaments for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Leaves- Deciduous. Toothed-simple.They are usually round. They turn yellow in the fall. They are usually alternate or opposite arranged.

Other- They do well in wooded arias where they can climb of trees. They do well almost everywhere in moist, temperate arias. The berries are not recommended for human consumption. Birds (Including turkey) and squirrels like to graze and eat the berries.